Over 18 years in the Thai condom market, our Thai condom brand, ONETOUCHTM, never stops developing and innovating new products to respond to consumers' needs.

ONETOUCHTM comes from "The One And Only Touch," which means the only touch a person desires. We promise to develop our products and marketing for all can reach their most desired touch.

Because we are aware that the flavor and taste of individuals are different, ONETOUCHTM provides a wide variety of products ranging from 0.03 mm thin condoms, uneven skin condoms, strawberry-scented condoms, and standard condoms containing benzocaine to reduce the sensitivity. ONETOUCHTM ensures that every condom meets the quality according to ISO 4074: 2015 TIS 625-2559.


Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. or TNR is the manufacturer of ONETOUCHTM condoms. The original idea was from the desire to be part of the Thai society improvement. Then, we created the brand of our own ONETOUCHTM.

During 1991-1997 was the time when the AIDS epidemic was the most severe in Thailand. The estimation of new infections in that period was 100,000 – 150,000 people per year, and the forecast was more than 60,000 people would die from AIDS each year.

Subsequently, the outbreak and severity were reduced partly due to an aggressive campaign on condoms to prevent AIDS by Mr. Mechai Viravaidya, the company's chairman. Through the "100% Condom Project", the campaign’s impact has significantly reduced the number of Thai people with new HIV/AIDS cases.

However, as reflected through one part of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's speech, the situation is still problematic, "AIDS is an awful disease. I wish there would be a fight against AIDS as people suffer from fear. The disease is not as awful as leprosy. If you could help the AIDS patients as leprosy patients, it would be a relief. I leave the initiation to you. Let's all be strong through the new challenge" (Royal speech on 04 Jun 1997).

With its readiness in all aspects, Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Public Company Limited or TNR, which has extensive experience producing condoms for leading brands worldwide, brought knowledge and the ability to be part of society's development.

Besides providing AIDS education and distributing condoms to various institutes to promote the campaign, TNR then analyzed the situation, "Why are condoms available in the market not as popular as they should be? The study reveals that the available products at the moment did not meet the customer's needs. TNR has set the ultimate goal "We will invest in the best quality product brand by deploying the best international technology available and responding to consumers' needs. We will sell the products at a reasonable price."

Therefore, it is the source of our product branding ONETOUCHTM


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