Production Process

Production process within TNR integrates world finest manufacturing machines and equipments with skilled personnel throughout all its production process.

With fully automated and semi-automated machines and equipments, production processes are kept under strict control parameters which are monitored and controlled through advanced Enterprise Resouce Planning Programs to ensure lean manufacturing pratice and delivery of products.

  • Incoming Materials

  • Compounded Latex

  • Dipping

  • Washing & Drying

  • Visaul Inspection

  • Electonic Testing

  • Sealing

Quality System

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Public Company Limited adopts strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

through integrated quality systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 17025 as the foundation for accreditation from recognizable international bodies certifying our products and systems such as CE MARK, SABS MARK, CCC MARK, TISI MARK, CMDCAS, and 510 (K).

Quality Control and Assurance

are designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standards such as ISO 4074, ASTM, CNS, and WHO requirements.

  • All condoms are 100% electronically tested for safety and reliability.
  • All condom types are tested for Bio-Compatibility according ISO 10993.
  • All condom types are subjective to periodic Nitrosomine testing.
  • All condom types are subjective to periodic Protein testing.
  • All condom batches are tested for leakage through the use of “Electrolyte Water Testing Equipment”
  • All condom batches are tested for burst strength and elasticity through the use of “Air Inflation Testing Equipment”