Get to know PLAYBOY

PLAYBOY is the first to create a men's lifestyle magazine issued monthly founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner in the United States. It is widely known for its content. Besides focusing on lifestyle, art, politics, finance, technology, and social issues, it is also famous for having semi-naked or nude pictures of women in the magazine. Playboy is very well-known to readers around the world.

Today Playboy operates businesses worldwide, namely magazines, media, and products such as condoms and lubricants, clothing, cosmetics, restaurants, and many more.

The Playboy's logo depicting a rabbit's head in a tuxedo bow tie by Huge Hefner reflects his favorite character, "rabbits." He designs a cartoon drawing rabbit wearing a tuxedo, smoking, and holding a glass representing himself at the party. Hefner's choice of a rabbit symbolizing playboys derives from its "sexual, humorous connotation" and represents frisky and playfulness. The symbol is something he has always tried to include in his magazine articles and comics.

In addition, the rabbit is a symbol of flirting and high sex drive. Since rabbits are the prey, they need to reproduce extensively and quickly. Rabbits, therefore, do not have a mating season but will breed whenever the opportunity arises.

6 Life Thoughts by CEO Hugh Hefner, Founder of PLAYBOY

No.1 - Have a whole entrepreneurial heart

Suppose he continues to work at the same magazine, he may become at the highest level as an editor, but Hefner chose to quit and followed his dreams with all plans already in place.

No.2 - Don't be afraid to take new chances rather than doing something like everyone else.

After all, Hefner quit his job to start Playboy. He was determined to be different, not just the same or equivalent to other leading magazines, but also incompatible and superior.

No.3: Do what you love

Even if others may not like it, but he found it fun and challenging. He would not hesitate to do it right away "Life is too short to live someone else's dream."

No. 4: Don't be afraid to ask for help

He was carrying the dream of making a magazine of his own. He tried to mortgage his assets and apply for a loan. Unfortunately, he received only 600 US dollars from the bank. Of course, that amount was not enough to establish anything. His mother funded him with a 1,000 Dollars loan. Soon he started asking for funding from various investors until the money was over 8,000 US dollars, which was the first set-up amount to start a business.

No. 5 - Knowing and accepting the truth without compromising

In the '80s, he began to feel that he was no longer suitable for working or partying. He was ready to step down and have his older daughter take over. Successfully, his business had improved.

Thought No.6 - Pay attention to your health.

Although he had only just begun to focus on his health at the age of 59, he was fortunate enough to maintain his strength until the very end. For an 86-year-old man to marry a 26-year-old woman is quite extraordinary. Despite his busy work and partying, he chose to preserve his health. He made the most of it until he was 91 years old, with no regrets.

New Definition of Playboy

Initially, "Playboy" represents the image of an experienced flirtatious man who devotes himself to female company and has many lovers. Today's context and importance of masculinity have changed. Masculinity following Playboy's concept has refocused to the following five types of charisma.

  1. Playful: Expressing pleasure and humor through lifestyle, both verbal expression, and action. One of the characteristics that ease the tension and lively which attracts people.
  2. Smart: Stylish, pleasing personality, and natural character. With this distinctive characteristic attracts everyone, you will be the center of attention.
  3. Open-Minded: The characteristic of understanding without judgment. The good kind-hearted listener who is well prepared for all possibilities that arise. Treasure equality and respect.
  4. Sophisticated: Characteristic of a person who is exquisite and profound. He demonstrates meticulousness in both speaking and action. Romantic and charmingly attractive.
  5. Confident: Assertive, proud, but not arrogant. Always ready to engage in a good relationship with those around you. Able to express own ideas and desires which are not harmful.

If you are someone who believes in the new definition of men like us, you are truly the man of the new generation of Playboy.

Playboy condom

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